We combine the magic of an impactful story with a deep knowledge of the music business, market, and tools necessary to reach your audience.

is not a typical music agency.

Rather than an artist roster, we manage a portfolio of determinate projects, and we work alongside you (and your agent) in their development and implementation. We take your ideas, build on them, mould them, polish them, so that you can level up your career and profile. We get your ideas in front of the right people – be they promoters, cultural bodies, NGOs, or the general public – catering your vision to their interests and needs.

does not dictate

what you should play or how you should dress. We analyze your current profile, determine realistic possibilities, and listen to your objectives until we can become partners with a shared vision. We focus on your project’s long term career value and overall potential instead of merely filling your agenda with engagements. We seek quality, not quantity.

manages the projects of artists, orchestras,
festivals, and other cultural institutions.

Depending on your project’s scale and scope, we have the flexibility to bring online additional personnel dynamically. Our hybrid business model applies any commissions on fees for won engagements towards future services.

our entire team will listen to you

to understand which concrete goals we can focus on, what power we can leverage, and what ideas we can bring to bear from our various vantages from diverse music business backgrounds. Get in touch, and let’s discuss whether is the right partner to make your project a reality.

dream and do

press conferences
educational projects

Johannes Fleischmann

Vera Kooper

Michele Campanella

Christoph Tymendorf

Ottaviano Cristofoli

Vittorio Forte

Ottaviano Cristofoli & Doremi Takahashi


Monica Leone & Michele Campanella

Szymon Brzoska

Jean Muller

Opter Ensemble

Pina Napolitano



Nuno Côrte-Real, Maria João, José Luís Peixoto

Guglielmo Pellarin

Duo Paganelli Filosa

Yuko Miyagawa & Aki Kuroda

Delta Piano Trio

Masanori Oishi

Jesse Passenier

Lutosławski Quartet

Nestor Taylor

Ronaldo Rolim