It all began with a small record label telling big stories.

Little by little this label grew, expanded, and built a world-class team with members across Europe. It built a software development company, a recording studio, and now as a creative agency we leverage all of our experiences and backgrounds to make your story part of ours.

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Every person has their own exceptional story worth telling.
This story has the power to touch the hearts and minds of the world.
It just has to find its wings. Our mission is to help each voice resonate.

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We will shape your visual identity.
Let us create for you. wants to help you discover and shape your brand identity in a meaningful way that stands out,
helping your audience to get to know you better.

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Whether you seek still or moving images,
or you need guidance on how to bring your story to life, can help you find that spark to emerge
from the crowd and connect with your target audience.

who we are

As a creative and marketing agency, we have gathered our talent pool from a wide range of artistic backgrounds. Our innovative services draw from years of experience in the culture sector, giving us unique expertise in these fields. Those strengths allow us to bring a broad and varied worldview to all projects, from individual to institutional.

Breathe new life into your institution, professional career, and corporate brand, reinvigorate your digital presence. Our artistic mindset and management experience will be on your side through this adventure together.

managing director

senior project manager


sales manager

managing director

Luca Di Bernardo

Luca was born in Abruzzo, Italy and holds a BA in trumpet from the Alfredo Casella Conservatory in L’Aquila, an MA in trumpet from the Luigi Cherubini Conservatoire in Florence as well as a Master of Management of Performing Arts from Palazzo Spinelli in Florence.
After an early experience in music management at the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, he worked as a managerial assistant for Stage Door, one of the world’s leading artist management agencies, in Bologna from 2010 to 2014. In 2014, he joined music:LX, the Luxembourgish music export office, as a project manager, and developed the classical and contemporary music department of this young organisation. He represented music:LX and its roster of musicians at international networks such as the International Artist Managers’ Association (IAMA), Classical:NEXT and the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC). He collaborated with international record labels, concert organisers and festivals and also created and organised the Luxembourg Classical Meeting, showcasing Luxembourgish artists in their home environment for promoters from abroad in a festival setting. In 2020 he moved to Hamburg with his family.
He loves languages, as they are a way to understand different cultures. In addition to Italian, he speaks English and French, and he is busy struggling to learn German. He can only work if he has a good supply of Moka coffee and chestnuts.

languages spoken: Italian, French, English

creative director

Tommaso Tuzj

Tommaso Tuzj was born in Italy, studied in Rome, lives in Pescara, and works as a photographer/videomaker for ODRADEK Records.
He found his way when he was 20, and it was when he got his first camera that he started to be himself. From that day onwards he never stopped taking photos.
Tommaso studied cinema in Rome, but his school, his real school has been the streets. He started to travel alone very early on, seeing new places, meeting new people, and every time these new experiences enriched his knowledge.
Sometimes he sees with his eyes closed and tries to draw with his cameras what his mind asks it to show. The real essence of this work is to follow what he feels and to move forward without hesitation. He was born to see and to eat this beauty and lives by trying to capture it. Everything else is just a mix of experience, love, luck and the desire never to stop improving.
Tommaso feels his job is made through relationships; before starting a new piece he aims to be connected in an empathic way with the people he has to photograph, because he needs to see with the eyes of that person, then to elaborate it and add his own point of view through the images.
He thinks of life as a vacation; everything outside his bubble happens to keep it from bursting.

languages spoken: Italian, English

graphic designer - illustrator

Marco Antonetti

I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and social media manager.
After the bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at the European University of Design, I worked as an employee for private clients and agencies;
I currently work as a freelance graphic designer for different clients active in music, food business and more.

languages spoken: Italian, English


Joanna Wyld

Joanna still has a note she scribbled at an early age announcing: “I am an Athor”. Her proofreading skills were yet to develop but her sense of vocation was clear. Alongside her love of writing she has always been passionate about music, studying it at New College, Oxford followed by a Master’s degree in composition at King’s College, London and flute tuition at the Royal Academy of Music. By this time she also had a job at Sanctuary Records in a classical department that included labels such as ASV (with its distinctive blue CD spine), Black Box and Living Era. Her liner-note writing break came when an expert on nostalgia forgot to submit a piece on time. Joanna was asked to come up with something on the African American singing group ‘The Cats and the Fiddle’ and, to her employer’s surprise, did a convincing job. She was soon asked to write more material for the company, which in turn led to other liner and concert programme note commissions.
Work started to come in more frequently following the birth of her daughter; one particularly memorable commission involved writing 17 liner notes for a new label in the space of just over 2 weeks. Joanna would feed her baby and then, carrying her in a papoose, would walk around the house until the child was asleep, before sitting down at her desk (child still in tow) to write an essay. This willingness to juggle family and work commitments has stood her in good stead for what followed, which has included infant music classes, flute teaching and primary school music teaching alongside her ongoing writing work, a balancing act that has sometimes entailed shifting abruptly from learning a nursery rhyme to writing about Beethoven.
Based in Kent in the UK, Joanna joined the ODRADEK team 5 years ago and loves working with her colleagues – friends – who give her a wonderful excuse to visit the Continent whenever possible. She is also Programmes Editor for the Philharmonia, and continues to write and edit on a freelance basis. In her scant spare time, she plays vintage synthesisers in a band called Fake Teak, and occasionally sings in the style of Kate Bush as part of a comedy metal band called Nidavellir. She loves being in nature and regularly takes amateurish photos of birds and trees.

languages spoken: English


Alicia Gutierrez Vega

Alicia came to Marketing by chance – although nothing is by chance in this life, so perhaps a stroke of fate would be better – probably trying to escape from her true vocation: storytelling.
At the age of 18 she decided to study Advertising and Public Relations because she thought it was super cool and she wanted to make ads. But along the way she fell in love with the word strategy (“wow, that’s where the great story of every company is,” she thought), so she changed course and embarked on an MBA. She worked in multinationals such as Unilever, Coca Cola and the Discovery Channel, where she almost became the super executive she was fortunately not destined to be. She was lucky enough to make good friends, to have excellent teachers, and to discover in herself the necessary courage to successfully face a change of era. The word digitalisation chased her through the corridors from the beginning, when nobody knew how to pronounce YouTube and taking charge of the web was a task nobody wanted. But she, an incorrigible adrenaline lover, enjoyed experimenting with everything. Until one day she realised that she had left her motivation in the office of one of her many bosses.
During those years, her two daughters were also born, and as she watched them grow up, she wondered if, by telling the story of these great companies, she was missing out on theirs. So she had to change course again.
She currently develops marketing strategies for start-ups, soulful projects in which she believes and which she enjoys, and combines for them the strategic vision that her years in mass marketing have given her, with knowledge of the digital environment and its techniques. She is lucky to have found in them more close friends, superb teachers and challenges to be passionate about.
Today her favourite word is JOY. As well as feeling lucky to be able to contribute her bit to projects like, she is training as a coach, and is learning to make the most of everything good that life gives her, together with her family, who often appear on screen in her Zoom meetings. In the meantime, she is trying to find the script for the story that, sooner or later, she will have to tell: her own.

languages spoken: Spanish, English

sales manager

Antonio Gómez Schneekloth

Antonio Gómez Schneekloth’s career began with his classical guitar studies at the Conservatory in Valencia (Spain) and Composition at the Conservatory in Freiburg (Germany). Parallel to his artistic side, he soon started to work in the administration of an orchestra, organised concerts and got involved in the production of festivals.
Between 2002 and 2016 he worked for Piles, Editorial de Música. There he headed the foreign sales department, establishing the international prestige of this Spanish publishing house, especially in the field of classical guitar. After this period he joined ODRADEK Records and became the Manager of Ghostlabel, before combining this work with that of Business Developer for the startup Beatik (music notation software) and the agency Molina Visual (web design and Branding for Classical Music).
He is now Sales Manager for ODRATEK, a holding company and technology incubator for internal digital startups and other partnerships that operates primarily in the cultural sectors.
Antonio currently lives in Valencia and loves to compose and play his Paulino Bernabé guitar whenever possible. He speaks fluently German, Spanish and English, and understands French and Italian (if people do not speak too fast).

languages spoken: English, German, Spanish

senior project manager

Burkhard Bartsch

Burkhard was born in Höxter, Eastern Westphalia. “If the typical inhabitant of this region is proud of an achievement, he only tells his neighbours (if at all), but almost never a wider public” (Dr. A. Oetker).
Dear neighbours: Burkhard’s life is found somewhere between these extremes: Unesco World Heritage Corvey (music festival) and One-Hit-Wonder-Classic-Stars (record label) / communist Luigi Nono (Archive) and profit-oriented MBA course / a small district city on the outskirts, and Germany’s biggest city with three opera houses.
Burkhard has studied in Germany and Italy. He has a background in musicology, media and cultural studies and worked for more than a decade for the record label Deutsche Grammophon and its subsidiary, Archiv Produktion, where he oversaw a wide variety of audio and video projects from the initial idea, through the actual recording to the finished product. During his childhood he learned piano, clarinet and church organ; these days he also loves Italy, his bicycle, his computer and technology in general. He is very happy to be part of the ODRATEK/ODRADEK/ family.

languages spoken: German, English, Italian

senior consultant

Enrique Valverde

With a background in classical music performance, Enrique graduated in piano in Salamanca and organ in Amsterdam. He soon found that he didn’t like teaching, wasn’t cut out for playing concerts, and that it was almost impossible to earn one’s living decently as an organist by playing masses (and in any case by that time he simply couldn’t contemplate getting up early on a Sunday morning to go to church). But what he discovered was that he not only enjoyed, but did a pretty good job of organising concerts for his fellow students at the conservatoire, and managing the Students’ Union. Then he decided to study for a Master’s degree in Cultural Management, thinking that such a task would open some doors and close some gaps in his education.
What he once considered to be a lack of focus on his professional career, he now regards as the key to his global understanding of classical music, and what makes him a consultant. He’s been fortunate to have worked in this industry from almost all sides: in public institutions (Production and Editorial Manager at the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical – Auditorio Nacional in Madrid), private foundations (Production Manager at Fundación Caja Madrid and Fundación Caja Duero, and Production Assistant at Fundación Siglo), management agencies (Segura Management), record labels (Editorial Coordinator for Universal Music Spain), festivals (Artistic Coordinator of the Semana de Música Religiosa de Cuenca, Production Director of Florilegio Salmantino and Sweelinck Festival in Amsterdam), competitions (Coordinator of the Sweelinck Organ Competition), orchestras (General Manager of Orquesta Opus23), exhibitions (Orpheon Foundation of Early Music Instruments), music conferences (Director and Founder of ExpoClásica), and music education platforms (Intern at the Association of European Conservatories). After years working for a public institution, and with the threat of being established in a fixed position there for life, he accepted a friend’s offer to manage his independent label, ODRADEK Records, which he happily does up to this date.

languages spoken: Spanish, English, Italian

senior consultant

John Anderson

A classical pianist, John intended to record an album and instead opened a non-profit peer-reviewed label. He and his wife named it ODRADEK after the naive mythical creature from a Kafka story, symbolising the disconcertingly great value of apparently useless things. Matters got out of hand, and thus began his career pursuing “odradeks”. These (so far) include the world’s longest recording project, the world’s largest microphone database, a biography management tool, a tool for blind peer review, and a recording studio that also serves as an events venue for his cultural association. These are now managed through a technology incubator for cultural projects (named, of course, ODRATEK), of which is a subsidiary.
He also oversees the family firm Ashlar, dedicated to “historic preservation and adaptive reuse”. This theme is somewhat common to all of his projects, which seek to sustain and nurture cultural heritage through innovative, technological solutions. His goal across all of these is translating the inherent value of our cultural heritage into economically sustainable business activities that never betray their intrinsic worth for commercial ends. Like the tangled web of threads trailing ODRADEK in the story, these projects are all intertwined and strengthen each other. And together, they provide the fabric for further innovation.
He was born in Kansas, educated at Oxford, and lives in Rome. He was lucky with parents and teachers, particularly Bruno Mezzena and Hugh Collins Rice. He’s happy to have recruited great teammates to join on his projects and to have his talented and beautiful wife at his side for them. And he’s thankful to have the trust of the hundreds of artists who have joined him, who together have directed the trajectory of the label’s success as a society of peers sharing mutual esteem.
He still has not recorded his own album, but he has produced many others. He hopes that, as in the story, ODRADEK will survive him.

languages spoken: English, Italian