Szymon Brzoska, composer



Music in Motion.

MIGRATIONS was a fascinating interdisciplinary project, and in result creatively stimulating and rewarding. A large part of Szymon Brzóska’s work is composed for contemporary dance, and so it was a natural decision to incorporate dancer Laurent Delom de Mézerac in this project. We worked out choreographies to some of the works included in the CD, that reflect expressively on the concepts of MIGRATIONS.

At the same time, Szymon Brzóska’s own life path is determined by migrating from his native Poland to the Netherlands and Belgium, and as such, we incorporated visual elements that reflect his own inner migrations and interjected them with the dance elements. All of these layers are woven together through Brzoska’s music, and leave us mesmerised by the intricate relation between music, dance, and visuals.

Marco Fumo

Johannes Fleischmann

Vera Kooper

Franziska Pietsch &
Maki Hayashida

Joyce DiDonato

Vittorio Forte

Szymon Brzoska


Nuno Côrte-Real, Maria João, José Luís Peixoto

Duo Paganelli Filosa

Yuko Miyagawa & Aki Kuroda

Delta Piano Trio

Masanori Oishi

Jesse Passenier

Lutosławski Quartet

Ronaldo Rolim