Ronaldo Rolim, pianist



Sumptuous Mythological Mediterranean Masterpieces, in Segesta, Sicily.

THE WARTIME TRIPTYCHS is centred around the music of Szymanowski, in particular his compositions that were heavily inspired by the composers trips to Sicily. Based on diary entries of a friend of the composer, we reconstructed Szymanowski’s excursion to the ancient temple of Segesta, as well as his visits to Siracusa, which directly inspired some of the pieces on the recording.

What started off as a documentary-like production turned bit by bit into a mood piece, an homage to the Sicilian culture that visually reflects the expressionism of Szymanowski’s music and lets the viewer partake in the magical atmosphere of Mediterranean culture. In a symbiotic process, the visuals add shape to the music, as well as the music allowing us to view these real locations through the composer’s eyes. Through all this, we feel that we get to know the composer, the interpreter, and a part of Sicily as well.

Marco Fumo

Johannes Fleischmann

Vera Kooper

Franziska Pietsch &
Maki Hayashida

Joyce DiDonato

Vittorio Forte

Szymon Brzoska


Nuno Côrte-Real, Maria João, José Luís Peixoto

Duo Paganelli Filosa

Yuko Miyagawa & Aki Kuroda

Delta Piano Trio

Masanori Oishi

Jesse Passenier

Lutosławski Quartet

Ronaldo Rolim