Carion Wind Quintet



The pain of exile, the Hope of a new Home, the Dreams of Freedom.

DREAMS OF FREEDOM was a fascinating project for wind quintet CARION. As the suggestive title already indicates, it is a collection of works from composers who all shared a deep longing for freedom, ranging from W.A. Mozart to the young Syrian composer, Arian. CARION itself is widely known for their choreographed performances, and so we decided to centre our storytelling around a couple of key elements (longing for) freedom, movement, storytelling in and outside of performance.

We ultimately found the script in Paul Hindemith’s “Kleine Kammermusik”, with its evocative structures and storytelling elements. The resulting “argument in music” was depicted by CARION in their performance, as well as in a short, music only narrative story that translated the musical gestures into human interactions. The resolution finds CARION united in their longing for freedom, represented now not only in their music but also in their visual materials, making it a very coherent and densely orchestrated production.

Marco Fumo

Johannes Fleischmann

Vera Kooper

Franziska Pietsch &
Maki Hayashida

Joyce DiDonato

Vittorio Forte

Szymon Brzoska


Nuno Côrte-Real, Maria João, José Luís Peixoto

Duo Paganelli Filosa

Yuko Miyagawa & Aki Kuroda

Delta Piano Trio

Masanori Oishi

Jesse Passenier

Lutosławski Quartet

Ronaldo Rolim