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Marco Fumo

The friendship between Marco Fumo and Ennio Morricone, immortalised on this album, began when Fumo was working with the Florentine musicologist Sergio Micelli, who in turn was collaborating with Morricone. Fumo, a ragtime specialist, asked Morricone if he might consider writing a piece inspired by ragtime, and Rag in frantumi was the result. The two artists met up increasingly frequently, and Morricone began to ask Fumo if he would perform transcriptions of his film scores. Fumo became like part of the family, staying with Morricone and his wife and children whenever he was visiting Rome.

Marco Fumo brings this exceptional insight into Morricone’s music and character to the performances on this album. The repertoire includes Morricone’s Four Preludes (Cane Bianco; Star System; Metti, una sera a cena; Indagine) and Four Studies (Il deserto dei tartari; Le due stagioni della vita; Gott mit Uns; Il potere degli Angeli), all of which Fumo has performed in front of the composer on numerous occasions.

Marco Fumo

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