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photos | covers | graphic design | illustration is a visual storytelling powerhouse. We create and execute imaginative solutions that can span a wide range of disciplines. Through videography, photography, and design, we will use visual narration to craft your branding in a way that will make you both singular and memorable.

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  • is your one-stop-shop for planning, managing, and executing your artistic vision
  • Comprehensive expertise and a coordinated, holistic approach to your projects so that your image and visual materials are coherent with the artistic identity and profile you desire to project. This includes photos, videos, web-design, biographies, press kits, and even apps, to enrich your story.
  • Mobile and web app development, so that your fans can take you with them in their pockets.

examples of services we have delivered:


  • Artistic planning and curation of over 100 classical, jazz, and world albums
  • Creation of artistic websites at various levels of complexity
  • Designing a professional presentation and materials for a masterclass project for an artist with which to approach music conservatoires
  • Preparation of professional biographies and press kits 
  • Opening a label for an orchestra wanting to self-release, handling all aspects of production, distribution, and marketing

We found a very off-the-grid location to shoot our music video, with a very particular story in mind to fit the music of the CD, and they were absolutely wonderful incorporating all of our ideas and developing them into a beautiful video that we were very happy with. Also the pictures taken for the CD showed just how Tom was able to understand what we wanted and visualise it, find the perfect location and shoot very beautiful pictures. Our cover photo is just stunning, and definitely a product of a great artist.

Delta Piano Trio

…some of the best cover art we’ve seen in 2013 not only in classical music but in all genres.

Alto RiotAlto Riot

As is usual, presentation and production are immaculate.

Graham RicksonThe Arts Desk

Working with was an incredibly professional and pleasant experience. I was extremely happy with the result of that inspiring collaboration.

ComposerSzymon Brzoska, composer

Boasting superior production values…

Andrew AchenbachGramophone

The genre as a whole can learn a lot from the art direction

Alto RiotAlto Riot

The presentation, with drawings by Granados based on the Caprichos of Goya, is a delight.

Gonzalo Pérez

…a leader in visual identity.

Alto RiotAlto Riot

We made an excursion to Segesta, beautifully situated amidst hillocks, lost, lonely in the depths of a valley. After we have been going along this valley for such a long time, we suddenly saw emerging from the curves of a hill, a pale, yellow temple with dark columns, as if brought alive from Greece. We were enchanted by this view.

Ronaldo RolimRonaldo Rolim, pianist

…some of the best cover art we’ve seen in 2013 not only in classical music but in all genres.

Alto RiotAlto Riot